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From reputed composite mills to 100% EOU units and humble hand processors to fully computerised processing plants, both national and international customers on our impressive client list, have one common assurance. The assurance that we never miss a deadline. Convenience being the name of the game in today’s business environment, we have maximised the use of modern technology, to meet and exceed client expectations . Thanks to our innovative and interactive B2B website and the most modern modes of communication used in our business practices. since our customers are our biggest assets, we spare no expense on initiatives that enable us to retain them for years. we quickly analyse their needs and provide tailor made solutions, at value for money prices. In fact, we even work on a clients problems in processing and offer free solutions with absolutely no strings attached.

FIBRO ORGANIC (INDIA) PVT. LTD. has proved beyond a doubt that we deserve a place of leadership in the industry. we however are not content to rest on our laurels. There is more to be done, more to be discovered and so much more to be achieved. At FIBRO, we know that excellence is not a set goal. Excellence is going beyond the perception of what is best and reaching out to something even better.



Any Company is only as good as it’s foresight. At Fibro, on-going research is our answer anticipating and answering the future needs by keeping abreast of worldwide trends in the industry.


our efforts to excel and our research, have been applauded both in india and abroad. Among the accolades received by FIBRO, the trust in our management is clearly portrayed in the electing of our managing director as president of the Indian speciality chemical manufacturers association for three years in a row (1994, 1998, 1999).

We strive to spread smiles and happiness in every possible way and provide support for education and healthcare.

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