Finishing Agents

Nonionic, APEO free,
Highly conc. Reactive
Polysiloxane based
Micro Emulsion.
Provides high level of
softness and bouncy effect
for all type of fabrics.
Undergoes the required
cross linking reactions
during normal drying
temperature and time hence
no extra curing required.
Non Ionic, APEO free.
Epoxy Co Polymer based
micro emulsion.
Imparts very soft, drapable
& elastic handle. Excellent
wash and wear properties.
Due to high silicone content
effective at very low dosage.
Cationic PU based
softener micro emulsion,
APEO free.
For excellent handle, drape &
elasticity, Applicable to all
natural and synthetic type of
goods. Applicable by
exhaustion method also.
Fibrocil 1107
Non Ionic, APEO free,
Blend of organomodified
polysiloxane based micro
Imparts soft silky handle and
gives good aesthetic feel on
natural, synthetic fibres and
their blends. Due to its
microemulsion form works at
low dosage.
Rolflex - PSP
Non Ionic, APEO free.
Speciality Reactive
Polysiloxane based
micro emulsion.
Imparts good degree of bounce
and inner softness.
Turboxil - PU
Non Ionic. Reactive
polymer with crosslinker
based macro emulsion.
Imparts excellent durable
softness, with dry feel and
body. Due to high concentration
it is effective at very low dosage.
Revolux - CB
Non Ionic, APEO free
Speciality Epoxy Elastomer
based macro emulsion.
Elastomeric Silicone which
imparts good surface smoothness
with full hand and excellent
bounce. Highly recommended for
100% polyester & its blends.
Astroxil - SG
Non Ionic, APEO free
Speciality modified
Polysiloxane based Micro
Imparts very good luxurious
handle with inert softness.
Highly recommended for
100% Polyester and its blends.
Non Ionic, APEO Free. Amino
modified Polysiloxane based
macro emulsion.
Surface smoothness and
drape for Suiting &Shirtings.
Finishing Agent-BF
Nonionic APEO Free
Reactive Polysiloxane
based micro emulsion.
Soft, supple & silky feel, stable to
washing and dry cleaning
applicable by padding & exhaust.
Non Ionic, APEO Free,
Modified Polysiloxane
based micro emulsion.
Durable soft bouncy finish
on natural and synthetic
fibre materials.
Nonionic, APEO free
Specially Organo modified
Polysiloxane based micro emulsion.
Softness with good drape
& fluffy feel. Imparted by
pad-dry application to all
types of fibres.
Nonionic, APEO Free
Formulated modified
Silicone based micro emulsion.
Gives characteristic softness
with high degree of
absorbency. Eminently
suited for terrytowel’s, under
garments etc. Applicable
by padding or exhaust.
Macro emulsion form
Single pack elastomer.
Confers elastic handle and
drape to all fibres.
Non Ionic, APEO free, Speciality Polysiloxane
based macro emulsion.
Cost effective macro emulsion used to achieve
surface smoothness & soft feel.
Micro emulsion, APEO free.
Softener with drape and bouncy feel.
Fibrosoft PU
Special polymer Compound based on Polyurethane
Improves elasticity, Prevents pilling formation &
Seam slippage, Imparts excellent Hydrophilicity.
PU braided silicon
Bouncy soft feel with drape.
Nonionic macro emulsion
giving silky handle
Applicable by pad dry to all
types of fibre materials to
improve softness and wrinkle
Icy kool - CF
Anionic, APEO free.
Polyester copolymer
blended with special
aromatic component and
stabilizing additives.
Imparts soft, cool & luxury
feel. Excellent soil releasing,
hydrophilic and lubricating
property. It is best for polyester
and polyester blends.
Nonionic hydrophilic
dispersion of copolymers
Suitable for synthetic fibre
goods, For hydrophilic, antistatic,
soil release properties, applied
by pad dry cure.
Turbo soft
Mildly cationic, Fatty amide compounds.
Non-yellowing hydrophilic premium softener.
Mildly cationic softener
Excellent softness
applicable by pad-dry or by
Activol - OSR
Cationic. Synergistic
blends of fatty ester
derivative. Biodegradable.
Hydrophilic cold water
soluble cationic softener.
Imparts excellent softness
and is very low yellowing.
Cationic. Synergistic
blends of fatty ester
derivative. Biodegradable.
Highly Conc,
cold water soluble cationic
softener. Imparts excellent
softness and is very low yellowing.
Fibrofinish HSM
Mildly Cationic, Siloxane based Hydrophillic speciality
Shear Stable & pH stable.
Imparts excellent softness & Hydrophilicity
Fibrosoft Cone - 350
Block Silicone Polymer
Micro Emulsion.
Imparts Soft, Smooth, Silky feel
Finishing Agent -126
Cationic silicone with surface
lubricant action with no
thermomigratory effect
on disperse colours.
Especially suited for yarn
application where lubricative
effect desired. Applicable to
cellulosic, synthetic and
blends by pad or exhaust
methods suitable for yarn packages.
Cationic softening agent.
For use on natural and synthetic fibres
by pad or exhaust method.
Light brown coloured
cationic liquid. stable to hard water.
Durable soft finish on
cellulosics and synthetics
along with resin finish.
100% cationic softener in lump form.
For natural and synthetic fibre.
Fibrosoft-NS- 100
100% nonionic softener in paste form.
Non-yellowing softener application by padding method.
Nonionic reactive softener.
Durable finish on cellulosic and blends,
curing by normal drying conditions.
Non Ionic, APEO free,
Blend of speciality, micro emulsion.
Imparts soft, smooth handle
Non Ionic, APEO Free,
Polyether polysiloxane based micro emulsion.
Gives excellent balance between
Hydrophilicity & Softness,
For Terrytowels & hosiery etc.
Product FRD
Polymer based body filler
Imparts body along with softfeel.
Eurosoft CR
Non Ionic, Poly Dimethyl
siloxane based macro emulsion.
Imparts surface and Dry Feel on
synthetic fabrics by padding.
Fibrofinish SI
Cationic Special softener
compound with Silicone.
Soft and Slippery hand feel,
Suitable for padding and exhaust application for all types fibres.
Nonionic softening agent
with high compatibility.
Non yellowing, resin stable application by padding for all types of fibres.
Non Ionic, Special Emulsion.
Excellent lubricant & sewability
improver for all kind of textile
goods. Gives soft & smooth handle.
Nonionic Polyethylene emulsion with no effect on whites or dyed shades
Reduces fibre damage in resin finishing, reduces needle damages in stitching, compatible with many finishes in padding
Anionic polymer body filler
To impart heaviness to
fabric by padding.
Product DMH
Nonionic crosslinking polymer.
For Crease resist finishing of cellulosic, Synthetics and blends by padding.
Nonionic crosslinking
agent with built-in catalyst.
For crease resist finish by padding single stage drying curing process.
Urea formaldehyde Precondensate.
finishes on cellulosic or blends
by padding
For stiff finish or as a binding agent for
other synthetics.
Nonionic precondensate
To impart stiffness to fabrics
by pad application.
A Nonionic, modified siloxane polyether co-product.
A Non-yellowing, Shear & pH Stable Hydrophilic softener for Knits & Wovens, imparting softness with rich & bulky handle and re-wetting properties.
A mildly cationic Modified Siloxane Polyether co-product.
An excellent Shear & pH Stable Silicone Softener for all types of fabrics, importing excellent softness with rich & bulky handle.
A cationic Sp Alkyl Amide condensation product.
A softener with charecteristics surface smoothness on natural, synthetic fibers
and their blends, Improves sewability.
A Nonionic blend of Sp. Organo-
functional modified Reactive Silicones.
A softener to improve softness, drape and fluffy effect, suitable for all types of textile fibers.
Nonionic, fatty acid condensation
Non-yellowing softener with Anti-Static properties, and not affecting the absorbency of the substrate.
A mildly cationic polymer based white/clear emulsion.
A Speciality product which can boost the depth of a shade, dyed with Sulphur or Disperse dyes especially with Navy/Black/Dark Shades.
Fibrosoft - SNL
Special Softener with Silicone.
Soft & Slippery Hand Feel.
Fibrocil 100
Silicone softener for
cellulose and blends.
Imparts very soft and full
surface handle.
Reactofin N
Modified Fatty Amide
Non Ionic
Imparts permanent softfeel
Metasoft WM
Mild Cationic, Micro Silicone emulsion
for excellent softness.
Imparts soft and smooth
feel to the material.

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